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Reality :iconpreussensunflowers:preussensunflowers 0 6
Flying Chocolate Chip Mint Bunny OC :iconpreussensunflowers:preussensunflowers 0 3 (insert title here) :iconpreussensunflowers:preussensunflowers 0 20 Mr. Slunderman :iconpreussensunflowers:preussensunflowers 2 13
The Shadowbeasts,
They stalk their prey
Be it midnight
Or the day.
Corrupted minds
Are their delight.
They love to win
Without fair fight.
To ambush one,
The easiest way
To take him down,
There’s no delay.
Their fangs are bloodied,
Their claws, well-honed,
For victim’s bodies,
Their sharpening-stones.
They thirst for blood,
and hate, and death,
to fuel their cause
‘til nothing’s left.
You struggle away
Safely for once,
But the Shadowbeasts
Are ominous.
My advice to you
Is run for your life.
Heed it well,
And you will survive.
:iconpreussensunflowers:preussensunflowers 1 4
Ruler of Shadowlands
Ruler of Shadowlands
There’s somewhere far
Passed mountains’ tower,
The Lights That Guide
Come midnight’s hour.
But right before,
The dawn of day,
The Lights That Guide
Were swept away,
Out beyond
The growing span,
Of length between
Red Giants and,
Heightened tops
Of dewy green,
Come forth from the
Small and unseen.
That’s where they hide
Until last light,
When shadows dance
All through the night.
And small ones shriek
As beasts so clear
As ashes go
a-prowling near.
But behold, they vanish
At the sight
Of Ruler who
Casts radiant light.
But don’t cheer yet,
They’ll be back soon
At time of moon
To spill maroon.
Their fangs will gnash
And claws will clash
And plot, they will,
Minds full of ash.
Yet these creatures, they say,
Don’t have a way
To kill the thirst
For the bright of day.
They cannot crush
The Lights That Guide
Away from dark
At eveningtide.
So who or what
Are the Lights That Guide?
And do they serve
By Ruler’s side?
The Lights Th
:iconpreussensunflowers:preussensunflowers 0 13
Fem!Masky :iconpreussensunflowers:preussensunflowers 0 14 America- I am HERO! :iconpreussensunflowers:preussensunflowers 3 11 So i was in Study Hall....(2) :iconpreussensunflowers:preussensunflowers 0 8 So i was in Study Hall... (1) :iconpreussensunflowers:preussensunflowers 5 1
What Fencing is to me.
For some of my friends playing sports is a misserable task, but for me it is a fun way to blow off steam. Fencing is my sport, and it is my haven of friendly competion. It isn't that so-called "little-known 'sport' where people play with swords". Fencing is crying, sweating, and bleeding while you strive for 1st place. Fencing is that feeling of adreneline when you dodge the opponent's blow and counter-attack in one swift motion. Fencing is seeing sparks fly as two sabres clash with bone-crushing power. Fencing is physical chess: figuring out your opponent's move and reacting befor they can even make it, all in less than a second. Fencing is that familiar sound of iron-on-iron. Fencing sabre has the "if you blink, you miss it!" factor and is proud of it. This is what fencing is to me, and for the past four years, it has'nt changed a bit.
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Mature content
guess who i woke up to....(view at ur own risk!) :iconpreussensunflowers:preussensunflowers 1 11
randomness(its a basic outline of a house) :iconpreussensunflowers:preussensunflowers 1 1 ze Fangirks mochies (and tomato) :iconpreussensunflowers:preussensunflowers 2 21
Mature content
HetaHazard ep. 17 scene :iconpreussensunflowers:preussensunflowers 1 5
R.I.P. :iconpreussensunflowers:preussensunflowers 0 15

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The Rightful King of Asgard :icons-seith:S-Seith 740 131
(Reaaaalllyyyyy sorry that I haven't been on for quite some time... Dealing with final exams at the moment so I assure you I will get back to you in a couple weeks once everything is out of the way! orz;;; *continuously apologizes*)
Hola everyone~
Good news~ I just recently got the batch of shirt I ordered and they look pretty good~ Mind you it's quite a small batch so not everyone can get it now sorry ^^; But if they all sell, we can order some more~ At this rate, it seems like the shirts will cost about $20 AUD.
All I need to do is set up a way you can buy them easily~ and at this point I'm thinking eBay because that seems the easily for most people so I will try to get that up and running asap~!
The two shirts I asked to be made were these: Moostache and N.Italy shirt ( and
Oh a
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Reposted from: :icondark-assassin-kat:
Comment, and I'll...

1. Tell you what eeveelution you remind me of.
2. Tell you what Hetalia character you remind me of.
4.Tell you what your flag would look like if you ran a country.
5. Tell you what eye and hair color you'd have if you were in an anime.
6.  Tell you what background character in mlp you remind me of. (I classify background as any character that is not a princess or in the mane six.)
7. Tell you what color I think you are least like.
8. Tell you what keyboard symbol you remind me of.
9. Tell you what your cutie mark should be.
10. Tell you to repost this. (Nah. That seems unfair. UNLESSIWANTYOUTO.)



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I am created by God. What's more to say? That automatically makes me AWESOME!!! ^^ You are created by God too, so that makes you AWESOME!!! too~ :DDD

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If you're still looking for Creepypastas  fanfictions to read... I posted a very short WIP just a few minutes ago. It's a crossover of all the creepypasta stories (that I know about), and My Little Pony. I haven't gotten to the good stuff just yet, but I'd be nice to know if anyone is interested in reading it!
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